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Codes – 16 May 2011 – ShortShut down

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New Updates: Short Shutdown.

What have been updated?

did you noticed that when you open your account..it still ourWorld – play great onlin.. ?

Well this is a new update!
and about the Racoon,Mouse And the Fox.. they aren’t giving you boost and they aren’t rare..oh i forgot to say that because they are from new artist on ourWorld! well he art good but it look cartoon things.
And the third update is:
look at our names! it looks so diffrent! that because they made it for downWorld the newest game so they made it for ourWorld too.let’s see:
the fourth update is the Screen
if u can’t see it.Please click on the picture to make it Big Size.
That’s the updates..i will try to find out soon! don’t foget to visit our blog daily for the news..